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Auf der Facility Management Messe Frankfurt 2015 wird Jana Koers am 24.03.2015 im Rahmen des Themas „Visualisierungspotenziale von Dienstleistungsprozessen im Facility Management – Entwicklung eines Modells für die Erfahrbarkeit von immateriellen Leistungen“ das Cooperation Experience Modell vorstellen.

Visualization potentials of services in Facility Management – Developing a model for the perception of immaterial performances
Facility Management services are an essential but complex part of modern Real Estate Management. Various stakeholders in different constellations are involved in these service processes and each one contributes a different performance. With regard to this, it is challenging to handle the cooperation and information exchange processes. Hence, the “Cooperation Experience Model” was developed to visualize processes within the Facility Management domain. Using the example of the planning process of real estates as a hybrid value creation, this paper presents a solution for an efficient inclusion of all involved partners especially the customer for better handling the complexity in Facility Management services and to eliminate possible expectation deficits on the client side to increase customer satisfaction.

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