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Jana Koers (University of Applied Sciences Münster) has officially startet her PhD at the University Twente with the working title of her thesis "Development of a generic data and information model for Facility Management-focused building design".

The research takes place within the area Facility Management-focused building design which is an essential but complex part of modern Real Estate Management. Various stakeholders in different constellations are involved in these planning processes and each one contributes a different scope of performance. With regard to this it is a challenging task to handle the cooperation and information exchange processes. A huge amount of data, documents and information from multiple sources and systems have to be identified, proved, saved, processed and made accessible. Hence, a model will be developed to visualize the cooperation and information exchanges between all involved stakeholders. A solution for an uninterrupted information exchange and the efficient inclusion of all involved partners for better managing the complexity in FM-focused planning will be generated.

The research focuses on a close interaction between theoretical and practical experience in the facilities management industry. It is based on empirical studies and indicates a close cooperation between science and practice in the project. The model will be implemented in known companies and evaluated in different business case studies.

Further information can be found here and here.

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